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Sep 11, 2019

Enjoy Entertaining and Educational Tales of the Prophets with Marjorie Cowley

Welcome to Marjorie Cowley's website, dedicated to providing a unique collection of books designed to introduce children to the captivating stories of the prophets, known as 'Qisas al-Nabiyin lil-Atfal' in Arabic. Our books are meticulously crafted to entertain, educate, and inspire young minds, fostering a love for Islamic history and spirituality.

The Importance of "Qisas al-Nabiyin lil-Atfal" in Children's Development

As parents, educators, or caretakers, nurturing a child's moral and spiritual growth is of utmost importance. The book series "Qisas al-Nabiyin lil-Atfal" serves as an invaluable tool in this regard. Through beautifully written narratives, encompassing the lives of the prophets, children are introduced to the concepts of faith, resilience, and perseverance. The stories are carefully adapted to be engaging and relatable, encouraging positive character development.

Discover the World of Islamic History

Marjorie Cowley's books take young readers on an extraordinary journey through major events in Islamic history. We delve into the lives of prophets such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon them), providing an accessible and delightful understanding of their trials, triumphs, and teachings. From the creation of mankind to the establishment of Islamic civilization, our books provide a comprehensive overview of the rich Islamic heritage.

The Unique Approach of "Qisas al-Nabiyin lil-Atfal"

Marjorie Cowley understands the importance of captivating young readers' attention. Building upon her years of expertise in writing and storytelling, she expertly weaves historical information with imaginative storytelling, creating an immersive experience that ignites curiosity and promotes empathy. Children are encouraged to reflect on the teachings of the prophets and apply these values to their own lives.

Benefits for Children

Reading "Qisas al-Nabiyin lil-Atfal" offers numerous benefits to children:

  • Developing an understanding of Islamic history
  • Enhancing reading and comprehension skills
  • Fostering moral and spiritual growth
  • Encouraging empathy and compassion
  • Promoting critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Building a strong foundation in faith

Embrace the Beauty of Islamic Culture

Marjorie Cowley's books provide an opportunity for children to explore the beauty and cultural richness of Islam. By being immersed in the enchanting tales of the prophets, children develop an appreciation for different cultures, traditions, and diverse perspectives. This nurtures a sense of global awareness and promotes respect for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds.

Get Your Hands on "Qisas al-Nabiyin lil-Atfal" Today

At Marjorie Cowley, we are committed to providing high-quality books that captivate young readers. Our "Qisas al-Nabiyin lil-Atfal" series is available in various formats, including paperback and digital copies. Explore our website to find the perfect edition for your child. Join us on this incredible journey of enlightenment, as we bring the stories of the prophets to life in a way that inspires the hearts and minds of children worldwide.

Invest in Your Child's Education

Education is the key to a bright future, and we believe in investing in the education of our children. With the "Qisas al-Nabiyin lil-Atfal" series, you can provide a gift that goes beyond entertainment and helps shape the character of the next generation. Allow your child to embark on a transformative experience through the pages of Marjorie Cowley's captivating books.

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