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Dec 17, 2021


Welcome to Marjorie Cowley, your premier destination for all things related to arts, entertainment, books, and literature. In this section, we will take you on a captivating journey through the world of Islamic history, culture, and literature, focusing on the magnificent 21-volume set of Bidayah wa-al-Nihayah.

The Bidayah wa-al-Nihayah Collection

Bidayah wa-al-Nihayah, also known as Al-Bidayah wal-Nihayah, is an incredibly comprehensive and enlightening Arabic book written by Ibn Kathir. Spanning a remarkable 21 volumes, this masterpiece delves deep into the historical events, cultural aspects, and literary traditions of the Islamic world.

Unraveling the Islamic Heritage

With Bidayah wa-al-Nihayah, readers embark on a remarkable journey through time, exploring the beginnings of Islamic civilization, the rise and fall of empires, the contributions of legendary scholars and thinkers, and the rich tapestry of Islamic arts and literature. This collection serves as a treasure trove of knowledge, shedding light on various aspects of Islamic history that have shaped our world today.

The Importance of Bidayah wa-al-Nihayah

Bidayah wa-al-Nihayah holds immense importance within the Islamic community and beyond. Its significance lies in its ability to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of Islamic history and its profound impact on global civilization. With each volume, readers are immersed in a captivating narrative, discovering historical accounts, analyzing pivotal incidents, and unraveling the complex dynamics that have shaped the world we know.

Exploring the Volumes

The 21-volume collection of Bidayah wa-al-Nihayah covers a wide range of topics, enabling readers to explore various aspects of Islamic history and culture. Each volume uncovers hidden gems, offering insights into the Islamic Golden Age, influential political figures, scientific advancements, artistic achievements, and much more.

The Journey through Islamic History

As you progress through the volumes, you will witness the rise and fall of empires, from the early days of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the vast reigns of the Umayyad, Abbasid, and Ottoman dynasties. The collection also delves into the Islamic conquests, the spread of Islam, and the magnificent architecture that graced the Islamic world.

Contributions to Philosophy and Literature

One cannot explore Islamic history without acknowledging the extraordinary contributions made by Islamic scholars and thinkers. Bidayah wa-al-Nihayah delves into the intellectual pursuits of Muslim philosophers, highlighting their profound influence on the development of philosophy and literature in the Islamic civilization.

Artistic and Cultural Triumphs

Islamic civilization is revered for its remarkable artistic and cultural achievements. From breathtaking calligraphy and intricate arabesque designs to mesmerizing poetry and captivating literature, the Bidayah wa-al-Nihayah collection offers a glimpse into the diverse artistic expressions that emerged throughout Islamic history.

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