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Jul 24, 2020

Explore the World of al-Hawi al-Kabir fi Fiqh al-Shafi'i (20 vol)

At Marjorie Cowley, we proudly present the comprehensive collection of al-Hawi al-Kabir fi Fiqh al-Shafi'i (20 vol). This renowned work by the great Islamic scholar Imam Al-Nawawi is an invaluable resource for students, scholars, or anyone interested in deeply understanding the principles and intricacies of the Shafi'i School of Islamic jurisprudence.

Imam Al-Nawawi's al-Hawi al-Kabir provides a comprehensive commentary on the main textbook of the Shafi'i School, the Matn al-Ghayat wa al-Taqrib. In these 20 volumes, you will find a wealth of knowledge covering various topics such as Islamic law, ethics, family matters, contracts, ritual purity, and much more.

Uncover the Essence of Islamic Jurisprudence

With our collection of al-Hawi al-Kabir fi Fiqh al-Shafi'i, you can delve into the depths of Islamic jurisprudence as interpreted by Imam Al-Nawawi. Each volume is meticulously crafted, packed with relevant legal principles, rulings, and insights to help you master the intricacies of the Shafi'i School.

Whether you are a student embarking on your journey of Islamic studies or a seasoned scholar seeking a comprehensive reference, our collection offers an extensive exploration of the Shafi'i School's rich intellectual heritage.

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Marjorie Cowley invites you to embark on a lifelong journey of learning and exploration. Immerse yourself in the comprehensive collection of al-Hawi al-Kabir fi Fiqh al-Shafi'i (20 vol) and discover a world of wisdom.

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