From Christianity to Islam in times of secularisation and terror

Oct 5, 2018

The Journey of Faith and Transformation

Welcome to Marjorie Cowley, your go-to destination for insightful and thought-provoking books and literature. In this category, we explore the transformative journey from Christianity to Islam amidst the challenging times of secularisation and terror. Our aim is to shed light on the various aspects of this profound shift and provide readers with valuable perspectives, guidance, and inspiration.

Understanding the Secularisation Movement

Secularisation, a term that gained prominence in recent times, refers to the process of separating religion from the state and societal institutions. As society becomes more diverse and dynamic, secularisation seeks to create a space where all religious beliefs coexist peacefully. However, this process also presents unique challenges for individuals deeply rooted in their faith traditions.

Through our books and literature, we delve into the complexities surrounding secularisation and its impact on personal beliefs. We explore how individuals grapple with their spiritual identities and navigate through the changing cultural landscape. Whether you are questioning your own journey or seeking a better understanding of this global phenomenon, our comprehensive resources will provide valuable insights.

The Transformative Power of Islam

Islam, as a rapidly growing religion, has attracted individuals across various backgrounds. In our collection, we showcase stories of those who have found solace, enlightenment, and purpose through embracing Islam. These personal narratives not only highlight the individual transformation but also emphasize the universal values of compassion, justice, and peace within the Islamic faith.

Our books and literature do not merely focus on the conversion itself, but also delve into the internal struggles, intellectual inquiries, and emotional experiences encountered during this significant change. We aim to present readers with authentic stories that inspire empathy and foster interfaith dialogue.

Empowering Dialogue and Understanding

In today's world, where misinformation and stereotypes abound, it is crucial to build bridges of understanding between different faith traditions. Marjorie Cowley is committed to fostering interfaith dialogue, cultivating respect, and promoting a deeper understanding of diverse beliefs.

Our books and literature serve as a powerful tool to encourage conversations around faith, spirituality, and society. We believe that by providing a platform for diverse voices and experiences, we create opportunities for empathy, growth, and collaboration.

The Role of Literature in Navigating Complexity

Literature, as a medium of expression, has the unique ability to capture the complexities of the human experience. Through compelling characters, engaging narratives, and nuanced perspectives, we aim to tackle the multifaceted aspects of religious transformation in the face of secularisation and terror.

Our collection spans a wide range of genres, from heartfelt memoirs and gripping novels to scholarly works and journalistic explorations. By exploring various literary forms, we cater to diverse interests and offer a comprehensive understanding of the journey from Christianity to Islam in today's world.


Marjorie Cowley invites you to embark on a profound journey of faith and transformation. Our collection of books and literature provides unique insights into the challenges, triumphs, and personal growth encountered when transitioning from Christianity to Islam in times of secularisation and terror. As you explore our curated selection, we hope you find inspiration, knowledge, and a renewed appreciation for the power of literature to inspire change.

Mark Valier
Fascinating exploration of religious transformation.
Nov 11, 2023