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Jun 13, 2023


Welcome to Marjorie Cowley, the leading provider of Islamic literature. As an esteemed provider in the Arts & Entertainment - Books and Literature category, we are proud to present the 11-volume collection of Sunan al-Kubra: Bayhaqi. Immerse yourself in the world of Islamic traditions, practices, and teachings with this comprehensive series.

About Sunan al-Kubra: Bayhaqi

Sunan al-Kubra: Bayhaqi is a renowned compilation of hadiths (sayings, actions, and approvals of the Prophet Muhammad) by Abu Bakr Ahmad Ibn Husayn al-Bayhaqi. With eleven volumes, it stands as one of the most extensive collections of hadiths, illustrating the Prophet's character, guidance, and wisdom.

The Importance of Sunan al-Kubra: Bayhaqi

Within the realm of Islamic studies, Sunan al-Kubra: Bayhaqi holds immense significance. Its meticulous research brings together a wealth of authentic narrations that shed light on various aspects of Muslim life. The profound teachings encompass topics ranging from theology, jurisprudence, ethics, etiquettes, to social interactions.

For scholars, researchers, students, and enthusiasts of Islamic literature, Sunan al-Kubra: Bayhaqi is an invaluable resource. The comprehensive nature of the series enables a deep exploration of the Prophetic traditions, fostering an understanding of the religion's rich heritage.

Our Collection

At Marjorie Cowley, we take pride in curating top-quality collections that encompass the essence of Islamic literature. Our library of Islamic works offers invaluable resources to individuals seeking knowledge, enlightenment, or a deeper connection with Islamic history and tradition.

Discovering Sunan al-Kubra: Bayhaqi

Whether you are a dedicated student of Islamic studies, an avid reader, or simply intrigued by the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, our complete set of Sunan al-Kubra: Bayhaqi will captivate your interest. The eleven volumes encompass an unparalleled depth of knowledge, providing an authentic and reliable source of information.

Features of Our Edition

Our edition of Sunan al-Kubra: Bayhaqi is meticulously crafted, ensuring utmost accuracy and authenticity. Each text has been painstakingly reviewed and verified by renowned Islamic scholars, guaranteeing the preservation of the original teachings.

With clear and easy-to-read formatting, our edition of Sunan al-Kubra: Bayhaqi makes the exploration of hadiths a seamless experience. The comprehensive indexing system aids readers in locating specific topics, allowing for efficient research and study.

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