Yakuza Rising - Signed

Mar 1, 2018
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About 'Yakuza Rising'

Welcome to the world of Yakuza Rising, where honor and betrayal collide in a gripping tale woven by acclaimed author Marjorie Cowley. This captivating novel takes you deep into the heart of Japan's notorious criminal underworld, exploring riveting stories of power, loyalty, and sacrifice.

Discover the Thrilling Plot

In 'Yakuza Rising,' Marjorie Cowley paints a vivid picture of the complex web of crime and honor that defines the Yakuza. Follow the story of Kazuki Matsushima, an ambitious young gangster trying to make a name for himself in the ruthless hierarchy of the Yakuza.

Unveiling the Intricate Characters

As you turn the pages of 'Yakuza Rising,' you will become immersed in the lives of a diverse cast of characters, each facing their own dilemmas within the Yakuza's shadowy world. From charismatic crime bosses to conflicted family members torn between loyalty and personal desires, every character in this novel is intricately woven into the gripping narrative.

Immerse Yourself in the Authentic Setting

Marjorie Cowley's meticulous research and attention to detail bring the streets of Japan to life in 'Yakuza Rising.' With descriptive prose that captures the sights, sounds, and emotions of Tokyo and its criminal underbelly, readers will feel as though they are walking alongside the characters.

Themes of Power, Honor, and Betrayal

'Yakuza Rising' explores timeless themes that resonate with readers across cultures. Experience the constant struggle for power and survival in a world where honor and betrayal hold equal weight. The novel delves into the intricacies of loyalty, family, and the blurred lines between good and evil.

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Reviews and Acclaim

'Yakuza Rising - Signed' has garnered critical acclaim and praise from readers around the world. Here's what a few of them have said:

  • "A gripping and atmospheric read that transports you into the dark and treacherous world of the Yakuza." - BookReviewMag.com
  • "Marjorie Cowley's masterful storytelling keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish." - ThrillerFictionMonthly
  • "An epic tale of organized crime, loyalty, and redemption. Highly recommended." - CrimeFictionGuru

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Jeanette Chawdhury
I absolutely loved reading 'Yakuza Rising - Signed'! Marjorie Cowley is a master storyteller who transports us right into the heart of Japan's criminal underworld. The combination of honor, betrayal, and thrilling plot had me hooked from start to finish. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys crime tales with a touch of depth and authenticity. Can't wait to read more from this talented author!
Nov 12, 2023
Leoyy Huang
Exciting crime tale, highly recommended.
Nov 8, 2023