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Oct 16, 2023
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Welcome to Marjorie Cowley, your one-stop destination for all things related to Arabic books and audio-visual products. In this page, we invite you to embark on an exciting journey through our vast collection of audio CDs and tapes designed specifically for kids. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Arabic literature, language, and culture through captivating stories and enchanting music. Let's discover the joy of reading and listening together!

Arts & Entertainment - Books and Literature

Marjorie Cowley is proud to be a part of the arts and entertainment industry, particularly specializing in books and literature. We understand the importance of nurturing a love for reading and language in young minds. Our aim is to provide top-quality resources to encourage children to explore the rich world of Arabic literature, enhance their language skills, and indulge in the pleasure of storytelling. With our audio-visual products, we believe learning becomes a delightful experience for kids of all ages.

Enhance Language Skills with Audio CDs and Tapes

Our collection of audio CDs and tapes opens up a world of possibilities for language learning and development. The power of listening and the inclusion of captivating visuals ensure an immersive experience that aids comprehension and retention. We meticulously select educational materials that are age-appropriate, engaging, and filled with stimulating content.

Explore a Wide Range of Arabic Books

At Marjorie Cowley, we take immense pride in curating an extensive collection of Arabic books that cater to various interests, age groups, and reading levels. Whether you're seeking adventure, mystery, or educational content, our diverse range is sure to captivate both young and adult readers alike. We believe in the power of storytelling and its ability to ignite imagination and foster a lifelong love for literature.

Immerse Yourself in Arabic Language and Culture

Language is a gateway to understanding culture, and through our audio-visual products, we aim to provide an immersive experience in Arabic language and culture. From enchanting music to traditional tales, our resources introduce children to the beauty and depth of Arab heritage. We're dedicated to promoting cultural diversity and creating a platform for cross-cultural understanding.

Unlock the Magic of Storytelling

Storytelling has long been a fundamental part of human culture, and at Marjorie Cowley, we believe in harnessing its power to inspire and educate. Our audio CDs and tapes feature renowned storytellers who breathe life into beloved tales, enabling children to develop their imagination, vocabulary, and listening skills. With every story, children embark on adventures, explore different worlds, and learn valuable life lessons.

Enhancing Education and Family Bonding

We understand the significance of active parental involvement in a child's educational journey. Our audio-visual products not only facilitate learning but also strengthen the bond between parents and children. Enjoy quality family time as you engage in shared reading experiences, listen to captivating stories together, and witness the joy of learning reflected in your child's eyes.


Marjorie Cowley is committed to providing excellent resources that promote language development, encourage reading habits, and foster an appreciation for Arabic literature and culture. Browse through our audio CDs and tapes collection, where each product has been carefully selected to offer exceptional educational and entertainment value. Start your journey of exploration today and let Marjorie Cowley be your guide to a world of enchanting storytelling and language learning for kids!

Lisa Marson
Great selection of Arabic books and audio-visuals for kids! Exciting journey awaits!
Nov 11, 2023