The Color Kittens: A Little Golden Book

Jan 17, 2021
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Introduction to 'The Color Kittens'

Welcome to Marjorie Cowley's website, where you can immerse yourself in the world of children's literature. In this section, we present 'The Color Kittens,' a beloved Little Golden Book that has captivated young readers for decades. Join us on a journey through the colorful words and enchanting illustrations that bring this timeless tale to life.

About Marjorie Cowley

Marjorie Cowley, an acclaimed author in the Arts & Entertainment - Books and Literature category, has enriched the literary world with her imaginative storytelling. With a deep passion for creating captivating narratives and vibrant characters, Marjorie Cowley's books have resonated with readers of all ages. Now, let's delve into her incredible creation, 'The Color Kittens.'

Exploring 'The Color Kittens'

'The Color Kittens' follows the whimsical adventures of two playful feline sisters, Brush and Hush. These lovable kittens reside in a paint box and possess the magical ability to mix colors. As they experiment with paints, they transform their world into a kaleidoscope of hues. Join them on their quest as they discover the joy of creativity, the importance of friendship, and the power of imagination.

Discover the Magic

Brimming with warmth and charm, 'The Color Kittens' is a delightful book that sparks children's creativity and encourages them to embrace their artistic side. With its simple yet engaging storyline, this Little Golden Book holds the attention of young readers and instills in them a love for colors and painting.

The Vivid Illustrations

One of the highlights of 'The Color Kittens' is the mesmerizing illustrations by the talented author and illustrator duo, Alice and Martin Provensen. The Provensens' vibrant artwork brings the colorful world of Brush and Hush to life, captivating young minds with their attention to detail and whimsical style. Each page is a visual feast, allowing children to immerse themselves fully in the magical world of the kittens.

The Importance of Children's Books

Children's books play a crucial role in shaping young minds, fostering a love for reading, igniting imagination, and developing critical thinking skills. 'The Color Kittens' is a perfect example of a book that accomplishes all of these goals. It introduces children to the wonders of colors, encourages creativity, and teaches valuable life lessons in an engaging and accessible way.

Engage Your Child's Imagination

When you choose 'The Color Kittens' for your child, you are embarking on a journey that transcends the pages of the book. You are providing them with an opportunity to explore their imagination, develop their vocabulary, and cultivate a lifelong passion for reading. Let Brush and Hush be their guides in discovering the enchanting world of colors.

Where to Find 'The Color Kittens: A Little Golden Book'

Marjorie Cowley's website offers a convenient way to purchase 'The Color Kittens: A Little Golden Book.' With just a few clicks, you can bring this beloved book into your home or gift it to a young reader. Embrace the magic of 'The Color Kittens' and introduce your child to a world where creativity knows no bounds.


'The Color Kittens' is not merely a book; it is an invitation to explore, dream, and create. Marjorie Cowley's phenomenal storytelling, combined with the Provensens' exquisite illustrations, make this Little Golden Book a timeless treasure. Dive into the vibrant world of Brush and Hush, and watch as your child's imagination takes flight.

Matthew Polaniecki
Love these kittens! 😺
Nov 8, 2023