(Pre Order) PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 GUNDAM

Oct 7, 2018
Gundam Models

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Introducing PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 GUNDAM

Get ready to immerse yourself in the grandeur of the PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 GUNDAM, a remarkable addition to our collection. This awe-inspiring Gundam masterpiece is the result of precision engineering and exceptional craftsmanship. Our pre-order offering allows you to secure this highly sought-after collectible before it hits the shelves.

The Infamous RX-78-2 Gundam

For fans of the Gundam franchise, the RX-78-2 Gundam needs no introduction. This iconic mobile suit served as the protagonist's primary weapon in the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. With its powerful arsenal, including the signature beam rifle and beam saber, it became a symbol of hope and resistance against the forces of evil.

Now, with the PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 GUNDAM, you have the opportunity to own a meticulously crafted, highly detailed model of this legendary mobile suit. This Perfect Grade (PG) kit pushes the boundaries of realism and authenticity, capturing every intricate detail of the original design.

Precision Engineering and Design

Created with the utmost attention to detail, the PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 GUNDAM showcases the unparalleled engineering craftsmanship that Gundam enthusiasts have come to expect. From the articulated joints and movable parts to the intricate panel lining and realistic decals, every aspect of this model exudes a sense of realism and authenticity.

The high-quality materials used in the construction of this masterpiece ensure durability and longevity, allowing you to proudly display it for years to come. Whether you're an experienced model builder or a beginner, you'll appreciate the thought and care put into the design, making assembly an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Unleash Your Creativity

With the PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 GUNDAM, you're not just getting a collectible; you're gaining a canvas to unleash your creativity. Whether you choose to recreate iconic poses from the series or customize the model with your unique flair, the possibilities are endless.

Let your imagination soar as you bring this legendary mobile suit to life. The PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 GUNDAM is more than just a model; it's a masterpiece that allows you to become a part of the Gundam universe.

Secure Your Piece with Pre-Order

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own the PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 GUNDAM. Secure your piece by placing a pre-order today. By pre-ordering, you not only guarantee that you will have this highly sought-after collectible, but you also avoid the disappointment of it being sold out when it hits the market. Act now to ensure you don't miss out on this incredible addition to your collection.


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