MG - Unicorn Gundam OVA/Animation Ver. - Unleash the Power of the Phoenix!

Jan 12, 2019
Gundam Models

The MG - Unicorn Gundam OVA/Animation Ver.: A Masterpiece of Mecha Engineering

Marjorie Cowley welcomes you to the fascinating world of the MG - Unicorn Gundam OVA/Animation Ver. model kit. As a leading figure in the Arts & Entertainment industry, specializing in Books and Literature, we take immense pride in offering this iconic masterpiece to Gundam enthusiasts and mecha fans worldwide.

The Unicorn Gundam: A Symbol of Power and Grace

The MG - Unicorn Gundam OVA/Animation Ver. represents the pinnacle of mecha design, combining exquisite engineering with breathtaking aesthetics. This 1/100 scale model kit faithfully replicates the majestic Unicorn Gundam as seen in the immensely popular OVA and animation series.

Unmatched Detailing and Articulation

Every aspect of the Unicorn Gundam is meticulously crafted, with no compromise on the smallest details. From the robust frame to the intricately designed armor panels, this model immerses you in a resonating sense of realism. The articulation capabilities astound, allowing you to pose the Unicorn Gundam in a myriad of dynamic stances, bringing it to life on your display shelf.

Transforming Unicorn Mode to Destroy Mode

One of the standout features of the MG - Unicorn Gundam OVA/Animation Ver. is its ability to transform seamlessly between Unicorn and Destroy Modes. Experience the awe-inspiring transformation mechanism that showcases the versatility and adaptability of this legendary mecha. With the included LED modules, watch as the Unicorn Gundam's Psycho Frame glows brilliantly, illuminating its surroundings with an ethereal radiance.

In-Depth Analysis and Guide

At Marjorie Cowley, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive information to our customers. Our team of Gundam experts have meticulously studied and analyzed the MG - Unicorn Gundam OVA/Animation Ver., compiling an in-depth guide to assist both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts in their journey with this model kit.

Step-by-Step Building Instructions

Our detailed guide includes step-by-step instructions that meticulously walks you through the assembly process. With clear diagrams and concise explanations, you'll be able to build the MG - Unicorn Gundam OVA/Animation Ver. with ease and confidence.

Painting and Customization Tips

For those looking to personalize their Unicorn Gundam, our guide offers valuable insights into painting techniques and customization options. Discover how you can create a unique masterpiece by incorporating your own artistic flair.

Accessories and Additional Features

Learn about the included accessories, such as the trademark Beam Magnum and Shield, which add to the Unicorn Gundam's imposing presence. Delve into the various optional parts available, allowing you to further enhance and customize your kit, elevating it to new heights of detail and realism.

Get Your MG - Unicorn Gundam OVA/Animation Ver. Today!

Marjorie Cowley is proud to bring you the MG - Unicorn Gundam OVA/Animation Ver., an exceptional model kit that combines artistry with engineering precision. Immerse yourself in the world of mecha and indulge your passion for Gundam with this iconic masterpiece. Place your order today and embark on a thrilling journey with the Unicorn Gundam!

Unleash Your Imagination

The MG - Unicorn Gundam OVA/Animation Ver. is more than just a model kit; it's a canvas for your creativity. Let your imagination soar as you pose, customize, and showcase this legendary mecha in your preferred settings. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your own vision.

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Uncompromising Quality and Authenticity

At Marjorie Cowley, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with exceptional products that meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity. The MG - Unicorn Gundam OVA/Animation Ver. is sourced directly from authorized distributors, ensuring that you receive a genuine Gundam model that surpasses your expectations.

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Begin your adventure into the world of Gundam with the MG - Unicorn Gundam OVA/Animation Ver. Let Marjorie Cowley be your trusted guide in discovering the limitless possibilities of mecha modeling. Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Unicorn Gundams and experience the thrill of building your very own masterpiece.