Les Pin-Up d'Aslan - L'Intégrale des Pin-Up de Lui

Nov 19, 2021


Welcome to Marjorie Cowley, your ultimate destination for arts and entertainment in the realm of books and literature. Here, we proudly present the extraordinary masterpiece - "Les Pin-Up d'Aslan - L'Intégrale des Pin-Up de Lui". Discover the complete collection of iconic Pin-Up artworks by Aslan, widely known for his mesmerizing illustrations published in Lui magazine. Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing world of vintage glamour and timeless beauty.

The Art of Pin-Up

Pin-Up art has always been a symbol of beauty, seduction, and empowerment. These alluring illustrations captured the essence of femininity in an era where elegance and charm were highly valued. Aslan, a renowned French artist, elevated the genre with his distinctive style and unparalleled attention to detail. His Pin-Up illustrations for Lui magazine set a new standard and brought this art form to new heights.

Les Pin-Up d'Aslan - The Ultimate Collection

Marjorie Cowley proudly presents "Les Pin-Up d'Aslan - L'Intégrale des Pin-Up de Lui". This exquisite book showcases the entire series of Aslan's Pin-Up artworks from Lui magazine, carefully curated for collectors, art enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the stunning beauty of the female form. With meticulous attention to preserving the integrity of each illustration, this collection honors Aslan's legacy as one of the most influential Pin-Up artists of all time.

Immerse Yourself in Vintage Glamour

Step into a world of timeless elegance and glamour as you explore the pages of "Les Pin-Up d'Aslan". Each illustration beautifully captures the allure of the Pin-Up era, transporting you back to a time when femininity was celebrated and sensuality was an art form. The meticulous lines, vibrant colors, and intricate details will leave you enchanted, appreciating the skill and craftsmanship that went into every artwork.

Rediscover the Legends

Within the pages of "Les Pin-Up d'Aslan", you will rediscover legendary Pin-Up models who graced the pages of Lui magazine. From the iconic Brigitte Bardot to the sultry Sophia Loren, Aslan's illustrations immortalize these timeless beauties, reminding us of their enduring charm and grace. Each turn of the page unveils a new Pin-Up, a new story, and a celebration of feminine allure.

The Perfect Collectible

Whether you are a Pin-Up aficionado, an art connoisseur, or simply seeking a stunning addition to your collection, "Les Pin-Up d'Aslan" is the perfect choice. This comprehensive book combines art, history, and nostalgia, giving you a glimpse into a bygone era while celebrating the enduring appeal of Pin-Up art. With its large format and high-quality reproductions, this collectible edition offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of art history.

Order Your Copy Today

Don't miss your chance to own this definitive collection of Aslan's Pin-Up artworks. "Les Pin-Up d'Aslan - L'Intégrale des Pin-Up de Lui" is now available for pre-order through Marjorie Cowley. Immerse yourself in the world of vintage glamour, elegance, and sensuality with this remarkable journey through the timeless art of Pin-Up. Secure your copy today and let Aslan's captivating illustrations enchant you.


Marjorie Cowley proudly presents "Les Pin-Up d'Aslan - L'Intégrale des Pin-Up de Lui", the ultimate collection of Aslan's iconic Pin-Up artworks. Immerse yourself in the world of vintage glamour with this captivating book that celebrates the beauty, elegance, and sensuality of the Pin-Up era. From the meticulous illustrations to the legendary models, every page tells a story of enduring charm. Order your copy today and embrace the timeless allure of Pin-Up art.

William Haynes
Les Pin-Up d'Aslan, une collection incroyable qui capture la beauté et le glamour intemporels. 😍 Les illustrations de Aslan sont absolument époustouflantes ! 👌
Nov 10, 2023