HGUC #060 - Palace Athene - Gundam Zeta

Jan 18, 2020
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Welcome to Marjorie Cowley, your go-to destination for Arts & Entertainment - Books and Literature enthusiasts. Here, we delve into the fascinating world of Gundam Zeta and present to you the impressive HGUC #060 - Palace Athene model kit. Join us as we explore the intricate details and features that make this kit truly extraordinary.

Unleash the Power of Gundam Zeta with HGUC #060 - Palace Athene

When it comes to the world of Gundam, the Palace Athene from the HGUC #060 series stands out as an iconic powerhouse. This visually stunning and meticulously designed model kit captures the essence of the Gundam Zeta universe, allowing fans and collectors alike to bring home a piece of this beloved franchise.

The Exquisite Design

The Palace Athene model kit showcases unparalleled attention to detail, ensuring an authentic and faithful representation of the original Gundam Zeta design. From the sleek lines to the intricate armor panels, every aspect of this masterpiece has been painstakingly crafted to perfection. With its imposing presence and imposing stature, the Palace Athene demands attention and admiration.

Detailed Specifications

  • Scale: 1/144
  • Manufacturer: Bandai
  • Series: HGUC #060
  • Release Date: [Insert Release Date]
  • Price: [Insert Price]

Unrivaled Articulation and Poseability

One of the standout features of the HGUC #060 - Palace Athene is its exceptional articulation and poseability. Built with precision-engineered joints, this model kit allows you to recreate dynamic and iconic poses from the Gundam Zeta series, bringing your favorite scenes to life. Whether it's an intense battle stance or a graceful aerial pose, the Palace Athene can flawlessly embody the movements of its on-screen counterpart.

Building the Masterpiece

With the Palace Athene model kit, the journey starts far before the final pose. Experience the joy of building this extraordinary Gundam Zeta replica with our comprehensive step-by-step instructions. Each piece fits seamlessly together, allowing you to witness the model taking shape before your eyes. Whether you're a seasoned model builder or a beginner stepping into the world of Gunpla for the first time, the Palace Athene promises an engaging and rewarding construction process.

Where to Purchase

If you're ready to add the HGUC #060 - Palace Athene to your Gundam Zeta collection, look no further. At Marjorie Cowley, we offer a range of high-quality Gundam model kits, including the Palace Athene. Visit our website to explore our extensive selection and find the perfect addition to your Gunpla lineup. Our secure and convenient online ordering system ensures a smooth purchasing experience, with fast shipping to deliver the joy of Gundam Zeta straight to your doorstep.

Join the Gundam Zeta Community

At Marjorie Cowley, we believe that the love for Gundam Zeta extends beyond owning the model kits. It's a community of passionate enthusiasts and collectors who share a deep appreciation for the artistry and storytelling that this franchise embodies. Connect with fellow Gundam fans through our online forums, where you can discuss your favorite moments, exchange building tips, and showcase your Palace Athene creations. Let the Gundam Zeta community inspire and fuel your love for this timeless series.


With its stunning design, exceptional articulation, and immersive building experience, the HGUC #060 - Palace Athene model kit is an absolute must-have for any Gundam Zeta enthusiast. Become a part of the Marjorie Cowley community and embark on your journey to bring the beloved Palace Athene to life in your own collection. Order your HGUC #060 - Palace Athene today and let the world of Gundam Zeta truly come alive.

Justine Leonie
Great model kit, must have!
Nov 12, 2023