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Nov 1, 2021
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Supporting Art, Entertainment, Books and Literature

Welcome to Marjorie Cowley, your gateway to the arts and entertainment scene, with a specific focus on books and literature. We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire, educate, and bring joy to countless lives. As an avid supporter of the arts, we have partnered with the Parks Conservancy to ensure the protection and preservation of our beautiful parks.

Become a Partner in Conservation

Are you passionate about both the arts and the environment? By joining the Parks Conservancy, you can contribute to the protection and enhancement of our parks, creating a better world for future generations to experience the magic of nature combined with the power of literature.

Why Join the Parks Conservancy?

The Parks Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and maintaining our parks, ensuring that they remain havens of natural beauty and sources of inspiration for artists and writers alike. Here are just a few reasons why you should become a part of this incredible community:

1. Connect with Like-Minded Individuals

When you join the Parks Conservancy, you will find yourself surrounded by individuals who share your passion for the arts, books, and the environment. Network with artists, writers, and other supporters of the arts who are just as enthusiastic as you are about making a positive impact through their creative endeavors.

2. Support Arts and Entertainment Programs

Your contribution plays a crucial role in facilitating arts and entertainment programs in our parks. From author readings and book signings to art exhibitions and live performances, your support ensures that the arts thrive in the heart of nature.

3. Make a Difference in Conservation Efforts

By becoming a member, you contribute directly to the protection and conservation of our parks. Your contribution helps in maintaining trails, supporting volunteer programs, and implementing initiatives that promote sustainability. Together, we can preserve these natural sanctuaries while fostering a love for literature and creativity.

4. Exclusive Benefits and Opportunities

As a Parks Conservancy member, you receive exclusive benefits and opportunities that enhance your experience and encourage further engagement. These may include special access to literary events, priority booking for concerts, discounts on art exhibits, and much more. Discover the perks of becoming a member today!

How to Get Involved

Joining the Parks Conservancy is simple and only takes a few moments of your time:

  1. Visit our website:
  2. Select the "Join Now" option.
  3. Choose your membership level and the donation amount that suits you.
  4. Complete the registration process by providing the necessary details.
  5. Submit your donation securely through our online payment system.

Spread the Word and Inspire

Help us expand the reach of our mission by spreading the word about the Parks Conservancy and Marjorie Cowley. Share your passion with friends, family, and colleagues who appreciate the arts, books, and nature. Together, we can build a thriving community that values the preservation of our parks and the power of storytelling.


Join the Parks Conservancy today and become an active participant in the preservation of our parks and promotion of arts and entertainment, with a strong emphasis on books and literature. Through your support and dedication, we can create a world where creativity and nature intertwine, inspiring generations to come. Visit our website and take the first step towards making a lasting impact. Join the Parks Conservancy and Marjorie Cowley in preserving the beauty of our parks and igniting the power of the written word.