DUE112 - UH-1 Huey Gunship vs NVA/VC Forces

Nov 26, 2017
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Welcome to Marjorie Cowley's website, where we offer you a thrilling journey into the intense encounters between the legendary UH-1 Huey Gunship and the NVA/VC forces during the Vietnam War. Our book, titled "DUE112 - UH-1 Huey Gunship vs NVA/VC Forces", provides a fascinating account of these harrowing battles and the heroic efforts of the pilots and crew involved.

Discover the Realities of War

In the midst of the Vietnam War, the UH-1 Huey Gunship played a crucial role in combat operations against the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and the Viet Cong (VC) forces. Our book takes you deep into the heart of these engagements, shedding light on the courage, sacrifice, and skill demonstrated by the individuals who flew and fought aboard the Huey Gunship.

Aircraft Specifications and Armament

Before delving into the intense encounters, it is essential to understand the Huey Gunship's capabilities. With its powerful turboshaft engine, it enabled both transport and combat missions. The helicopter was equipped with a variety of armament, including machine guns, rocket pods, and grenade launchers. These weapons were vital in engaging the enemy forces and providing support to ground troops.

The Battlefields: Engagements and Tactics

Our book chronicles numerous battles where the Huey Gunship faced off against the NVA and VC. Each engagement presented unique challenges, with enemy forces utilizing guerrilla warfare tactics and adapting to counter the effectiveness of the helicopter's firepower and mobility.

Firsthand Accounts from Pilots and Crew

To provide a comprehensive understanding of the experiences, we have included firsthand accounts from pilots and crew members who witnessed and participated in these high-stakes battles. Their stories offer unparalleled insights into the challenges, triumphs, and lasting impacts of these encounters.

Immerse Yourself in the World of Military History

"DUE112 - UH-1 Huey Gunship vs NVA/VC Forces" is not just a book about the battles but also a profound exploration of the human side of warfare. It gives readers a chance to understand the psychological and emotional toll on those involved, as well as the lasting impact of these events on individuals and society as a whole.

Why Choose Marjorie Cowley

As a highly acclaimed author in the field of military history, Marjorie Cowley brings her expertise to this gripping account of the UH-1 Huey Gunship's encounters with the NVA/VC forces. With meticulous research, in-depth interviews, and a dedication to accuracy, Cowley ensures that readers have access to the most detailed and authentic information available.

Engaging Narrative and Unparalleled Expertise

Cowley's writing style blends the historical significance of these battles with a captivating narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Her ability to bring the characters to life and convey the intensity of the conflict sets this book apart from others in its genre.


Explore the gripping world of the UH-1 Huey Gunship and its encounters with the NVA/VC forces during the Vietnam War. Marjorie Cowley's book, "DUE112 - UH-1 Huey Gunship vs NVA/VC Forces," offers a compelling and immersive avenue to delve into these intense battles. Gain firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by pilots and crew members and uncover the profound impact of these experiences. Immerse yourself in the world of military history and action that continues to captivate readers to this day.