New Arrivals :: DC Showcase Presents: The Losers, Vol. 1

Dec 31, 2020


Welcome to Marjorie Cowley, the premier destination for Arts & Entertainment in Books and Literature. We pride ourselves on curating the most exciting and engaging books for our readers. In today's new arrivals, we have something truly exceptional - DC Showcase Presents: The Losers, Vol. 1. Dive into the captivating world of soldiers and espionage as we introduce you to this thrilling graphic novel collection.

About DC Showcase Presents: The Losers, Vol. 1

For fans of action-packed stories in the military genre, DC Showcase Presents: The Losers, Vol. 1 is a must-read. This collection brings together the incredible works of legendary writer Robert Kanigher and talented artist Joe Kubert. Originally published from 1969 to 1976, this series has become a timeless classic among comic book enthusiasts.

The Plot

In DC Showcase Presents: The Losers, Vol. 1, readers follow the gripping adventures of Captain William Storm, Johnny Cloud, Gunner, and Sarge as they serve their country during World War II. These soldiers become known as "The Losers" due to their unfortunate luck and being assigned to suicide missions. We witness their camaraderie, the difficulties they face, and their heroic acts as they navigate the treacherous landscapes of war.

The Artwork

One of the standout features of DC Showcase Presents: The Losers, Vol. 1 is the breathtaking artwork by Joe Kubert. His masterful illustrations bring the characters to life, portraying the raw emotions, intense action, and intricate details of their surroundings. Kubert's unique style creates a visually stunning experience for readers, enhancing the overall narrative.

Why Choose DC Showcase Presents: The Losers, Vol. 1

There are several reasons why DC Showcase Presents: The Losers, Vol. 1 deserves a spot on your reading list:

1. Compelling Storyline

The Losers, being ordinary soldiers forced into extraordinary circumstances, offer a captivating and relatable narrative. Kanigher's writing skillfully combines elements of action, drama, and suspense, ensuring that readers are hooked from start to finish.

2. Historical Accuracy

The series is set during World War II, and Kanigher masterfully incorporates historical events and locations into the storyline. This attention to detail adds depth and authenticity to the overall reading experience.

3. Immersive Artwork

Joe Kubert's art is a sight to behold. His ability to depict emotions and action sequences makes the story come alive. Every panel is meticulously crafted, making this collection a visual feast for the eyes.

4. Legacy and Influence

DC Showcase Presents: The Losers, Vol. 1 is part of a larger legacy within the DC Comics universe. The characters from this series have influenced numerous other military-based superhero teams, ensuring their impact on the comic book world.

How to Get Your Copy

Getting your hands on DC Showcase Presents: The Losers, Vol. 1 is as easy as visiting our online store. Simply head over to our website,, and browse through our extensive collection of books and graphic novels. We offer secure payment options and fast shipping to ensure you receive your order promptly.


Don't miss out on the latest addition to your collection. DC Showcase Presents: The Losers, Vol. 1 is a thrilling masterpiece that brings together exceptional storytelling and breathtaking artwork. Immerse yourself in the daring world of soldiers and espionage as you follow the incredible journey of The Losers. Visit Marjorie Cowley now and secure your copy to experience this timeless classic.

Tim Wilkens
This looks like an amazing book! Can't wait to dive into the world of soldiers and espionage.
Nov 8, 2023