Collier's, The National Weekly August 11, 1934

Jan 16, 2018

About Collier's, The National Weekly

Collier's, The National Weekly was a popular magazine that played a significant role in shaping the culture and intellectual landscape of America in the early to mid-20th century. The August 11, 1934, issue is a true gem for enthusiasts of arts, entertainment, books, and literature.

Arts & Entertainment

The Arts in 1934

In the 1930s, the arts scene was vibrant and evolving. Collier's, The National Weekly captured this spirit through its engaging articles, thought-provoking essays, and stunning illustrations. From theatre and music to visual arts and dance, every form of artistic expression flourished during this period.

Entertainment Highlights

The August 11, 1934, issue features detailed coverage of notable entertainment events and personalities. Dive into the golden age of Hollywood and discover fascinating interviews with legendary actors and actresses. Explore the world of literature through insightful reviews, author profiles, and excerpts from the most celebrated books of the time. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of vaudeville and witness the magical performances that captivated audiences across the nation.

Books and Literature

A Glimpse into the Literary World

Collier's, The National Weekly provides a unique window into the literary landscape of 1934. Engage with insightful articles about popular authors, emerging literary movements, and the transformative power of literature. Discover firsthand accounts of literary events, book launches, and critics' take on the latest releases.

Featured Books

In the August 11, 1934, issue, Collier's showcases noteworthy books that captured the imagination of readers during that time. Delve into gripping stories, explore the depth of literary prose, and uncover hidden gems from the literary world that still resonate today. Whether you're a bookworm or an avid collector, you'll find a treasure trove of information and inspiration within the pages of Collier's, The National Weekly.

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