I Am a Garbage Truck (Board book)

Jul 4, 2018
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About the Book

'I Am a Garbage Truck' is a delightful board book that takes young readers on an exciting journey through a day in the life of a garbage truck. Written by Marjorie Cowley, a renowned author in the field of children's literature, this book is a must-have for kids who are fascinated by big vehicles and daily adventures.

Book Description

In this engaging board book, Marjorie Cowley beautifully captures the essence of a garbage truck's work. From collecting trash to emptying bins and keeping neighborhoods clean, the garbage truck plays an important role in our communities. The vivid illustrations and simple yet informative text make it easy for young children to understand and enjoy.

About the Author

Marjorie Cowley has been writing captivating stories for children for over two decades. Her love for literature and her passion for educating young minds have made her a respected figure in the world of children's books. With 'I Am a Garbage Truck,' Marjorie once again showcases her exceptional storytelling skills.

Why Choose 'I Am a Garbage Truck'?

There are several reasons why 'I Am a Garbage Truck' stands out among other children's books:

Engaging and Educational

This board book provides an engaging and educational experience for young readers. It combines a fun storyline with valuable lessons about the importance of keeping our surroundings clean and respecting the environment.

Beautiful Illustrations

The colorful and lively illustrations in 'I Am a Garbage Truck' capture the attention of both children and adults. Every page is a visual treat that enhances the reading experience.

Durable Design

As a board book, 'I Am a Garbage Truck' is designed to withstand the rough handling of young readers. The sturdy pages and rounded corners ensure that the book remains intact even in the hands of the most enthusiastic little ones.

Perfect Gift

Whether you're looking for a birthday present, a baby shower gift, or just a special surprise for a young reader, 'I Am a Garbage Truck' makes an excellent choice. It is a thoughtful and unique book that will be cherished by children and their parents alike.

Get Your Copy Today!

'I Am a Garbage Truck (Board book)' is available for purchase through various online retailers. Visit Marjorie Cowley's official website for more information about the book and how to order your copy. Join the numerous readers who have already fallen in love with this heartwarming tale!


Marjorie Cowley's 'I Am a Garbage Truck (Board book)' is a must-read for young children who are curious about the world around them. Through its engaging storyline and delightful illustrations, this book instills important lessons about cleanliness, responsibility, and community. Order your copy today and embark on an educational and entertaining adventure with your little one!

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Linda Melenyzer
This board book is trash-tastic! 🚛📚
Nov 8, 2023