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Sep 19, 2020

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Noah نوح و الطوفان العظيم - The Great Flood

One of the most captivating stories in human history, the tale of Noah نوح و الطوفان العظيم has been passed down for generations. It portrays the epic journey of Noah نوح, a prophet chosen by God to build an ark and save humanity and animals from the devastating floods.

The Biblical Account

The story of Noah نوح is primarily described in the Bible's Book of Genesis. It chronicles how God, observing the wickedness of humanity, decided to flood the earth as a means of cleansing. However, God looked favorably upon Noah نوح and instructed him to construct an ark to ensure the survival of all living creatures.

The Ark and the Animals

Noah نوح, in faithful obedience, began building the massive ark according to God's precise measurements. The ark served as a refuge, providing safety for Noah نوح's family and representatives of every animal species. It was an extraordinary feat of construction.

The Great Flood

As foretold, the rains poured down, and the great flood engulfed the earth. For forty days and forty nights, the world was submerged in water, wiping away all traces of human civilization except for those aboard the ark.

The Covenant and the Dove

After the floodwaters receded, Noah نوح, his family, and the animals departed from the ark, stepping onto a new world. In gratitude for their survival, Noah نوح made a covenant with God, who promised never to send such a catastrophic flood again. As a sign of this covenant, a dove returned to the ark carrying an olive branch, signifying peace and renewal.

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