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May 4, 2021


Welcome to Marjorie Cowley's website, where we dive deep into the realm of arts and entertainment, specifically books and literature. In this page, we explore the insightful work of Ibn Taymiyya on causality and reliance on God. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of his unique philosophy that delves into the complex relationship between cause and effect, as well as the profound reliance on the divine.

Who is Ibn Taymiyya?

Ibn Taymiyya, a medieval Islamic theologian and philosopher, was an influential figure in the Islamic world. Born in the 13th century, he dedicated his life to the study of Islamic sciences, philosophy, and theology. He became renowned for his prolific writings and his ability to critically analyze complex ideas.

Causality in Ibn Taymiyya's Philosophy

One of the central themes in Ibn Taymiyya's philosophy is causality. He questioned the traditional understanding of causality by emphasizing the ultimate reliance on God as the primary cause of all things. In his philosophical framework, he highlighted the idea that while apparent causes may exist, they are ultimately subservient to the divine will and power.

According to Ibn Taymiyya, comprehending causality requires a deep understanding of God's divine plan and the intricate workings of the universe. He contended that everything in existence is ultimately governed by God's decree, and true causality lies in recognizing the divine hand behind all events and phenomena.

Reliance on God

In Ibn Taymiyya's philosophy, reliance on God plays a pivotal role. He emphasized the importance of recognizing one's dependence on the divine in all aspects of life. Ibn Taymiyya believed that true reliance on God leads to a deeper spiritual connection and ultimate fulfillment.

He argued that relying solely on worldly causes and neglecting the divine leads to an incomplete understanding of reality. True reliance, according to Ibn Taymiyya, involves recognizing the limitations of human agency and acknowledging the all-encompassing power of God. It is through this recognition that individuals can find peace and achieve a harmonious existence.

Exploring Ibn Taymiyya's Work

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