Braille Quran (English Translation - Six Volumes)

Aug 16, 2021

The Braille Quran Experience

Welcome to Marjorie Cowley, your one-stop destination for exquisite books and literature in the arts and entertainment industry. In this page, we are proud to present the Braille Quran, a magnificent collection of the English Translation in six volumes.

A Glimpse into the Braille Quran

The Braille Quran is a remarkable testament to inclusivity and accessibility. Developed especially for visually impaired individuals who desire to explore the teachings and wisdom of the Quran, this collection offers a unique reading experience.

Unveiling the Six Volumes

The Braille Quran is divided into six volumes, each carefully crafted to provide an immersive and comprehensive experience. Let's delve into the highlights of each volume:

Volume 1: Introduction and Thematic Overview

In this introductory volume, readers are introduced to the concepts, historical context, and key themes present in the Quran. It serves as an excellent starting point for individuals who are new to the world of Quranic studies.

Volume 2: The Five Pillars of Islam

Focusing on the five pillars of Islam, this volume explores the core principles and practices that uphold the faith. It provides a deeper understanding of how these pillars shape the lives of Muslims around the world.

Volume 3: Prophets and Messengers

Delve into the stories of the prophets and messengers mentioned in the Quran. This volume sheds light on their lives, teachings, and the important role they played in guiding humanity towards righteousness.

Volume 4: Social and Ethical Guidelines

Discover the social and ethical guidelines outlined in the Quran. This volume offers valuable insights into building strong communities, promoting justice, and fostering compassion within society.

Volume 5: Divine Revelations and Miracles

Explore the divine revelations and miracles mentioned in the Quran. This volume showcases the extraordinary events and signs that highlight the power and wisdom of Allah.

Volume 6: The Hereafter and Final Judgment

In this concluding volume, readers gain a deeper understanding of the concept of the Hereafter and the Final Judgment. It offers insights into the afterlife, resurrection, and the consequences of our actions in this world.

A Testament of Inclusivity

The Braille Quran stands as an embodiment of inclusivity, allowing visually impaired individuals to access the Quranic teachings and engage with them at their own pace. The effort put into creating this collection aims to bridge the gap and ensure that everyone can enjoy the wisdom and beauty of the Quran.

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Unlock the World of Braille Quran

Immerse yourself in the world of the Braille Quran and discover a literary masterpiece that transcends barriers. The six volumes of the English Translation offer an incredible opportunity to engage with the teachings of Islam and gain a profound understanding of its principles.

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Sharleen Ernster
This is a wonderful initiative! 😊 Making the Quran accessible to visually impaired individuals shows true inclusivity. Kudos to Marjorie Cowley for bringing this beautiful collection to life! 👏📚
Nov 11, 2023