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Sep 18, 2021


Welcome to Marjorie Cowley! We are your trusted source for Arabic books and literature, specializing in the transformative practice of Tazkiyah: Purification of the Soul. Our mission is to provide you with comprehensive and enriching content that assists you on your journey towards personal growth and self-improvement.

About Tazkiyah

Tazkiyah, which translates to "purification" in Arabic, is a fundamental concept in Islamic teachings that focuses on cultivating inner spirituality and purifying one's heart and mind. It involves various self-disciplinary practices, such as self-reflection, seeking knowledge, mindfulness, and engaging in acts of worship.

Our Collections

At JarirBooks-Arabic Books & More, we have curated an extensive collection of books and resources dedicated to Tazkiyah. Our collection includes works by renowned Islamic scholars, contemporary authors, and experts in the field. We believe that the path to inner peace and self-transformation begins with knowledge, and our diverse collection caters to individuals at different stages of their spiritual journey.

Featured Authors

Explore the thought-provoking writings of prominent authors who have delved deep into the realms of Tazkiyah. Our lineup includes renowned scholars and contemporary writers who provide unique insights, practical guidance, and wisdom to navigate the challenges of modern life while nurturing the soul.

Embark on Your Journey of Self-Transformation

Whether you are starting your spiritual journey or seeking to deepen your understanding of Tazkiyah, we have the resources to accompany you. Our books cover topics such as self-awareness, mindfulness, managing emotions, fostering positive relationships, and connecting with the divine.

With our rich and comprehensive content, you can uncover the principles and practices of Tazkiyah, learn how to overcome obstacles on the path to inner peace, and cultivate a balanced and fulfilling life.

Community & Resources

At Marjorie Cowley, we believe in fostering a supportive community to enhance your spiritual growth. Our website offers a dedicated forum where you can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and seek guidance from experts in Tazkiyah.

In addition to our diverse collection of Arabic books, we provide supplementary resources such as workshops, webinars, and articles that explore various aspects of Tazkiyah. Stay updated with our blog, which features thought-provoking topics, practical tips, and interviews with renowned scholars.


Embark on your transformative journey today with JarirBooks-Arabic Books & More. Browse our collections, immerse yourself in the profound teachings of Tazkiyah, and experience the power of inner purification. Unlock your potential, find inner peace, and create a harmonious connection with the divine through the practice of Tazkiyah.

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Erin Bishop
This article on Tazkiyah is a great read! 📚 It provides valuable insights into the practice of purifying the soul and offers enriching content for personal growth. Thank you, Marjorie Cowley, for enlightening us with such valuable information! 🙏🌟
Nov 11, 2023