ICO Islamic Studies : Grade 3, Part 2 Textbook

Apr 11, 2023

Welcome to the ICO Islamic Studies: Grade 3, Part 2 Textbook page on Marjorie Cowley website. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality and engaging educational materials for children. In this page, you will find all the information you need about our Grade 3 Islamic Studies textbook. From its content to its features, we have covered it all to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of what this textbook offers.

Chapter 1: The Prophet's Night Journey and Ascension (Al-Isra' and Al-Mi'raj)

Learn about the miraculous journey of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from Makkah to Jerusalem and his ascension to the heavens. This chapter delves into the details of this remarkable event, providing historical background, related Quranic verses, and engaging stories for children to understand and appreciate.

Chapter 2: The Wisdom Behind Allah's Creation of Night and Day

Discover the wisdom and purpose behind Allah's creation of night and day. This chapter explores the significance of day and night in shaping our lives, the celestial bodies associated with them, and the blessings they bring. Children will gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and the divine wisdom behind it.

Chapter 3: The Life of Prophet Muhammad in Madinah

Embark on a journey to Madinah and explore the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) after the migration from Makkah. This chapter highlights the establishment of the first Islamic state, the Prophet's teachings and interactions with the companions, and the significance of Madinah in Islamic history. Children will gain insights into the early Muslim community and the foundation of Islamic principles.

Chapter 4: The Battle of Badr

Dive into the historic Battle of Badr, where the early Muslims emerged victorious against all odds. This chapter provides a detailed account of the events leading up to the battle, the strategies employed, and the outcomes that shaped the course of Islamic history. Children will be captivated by the bravery and determination exhibited by the believers.

Chapter 5: The Life of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal

Explore the life and contributions of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, one of the prominent scholars of Islamic jurisprudence. This chapter delves into his early life, his dedication to seeking knowledge, and his steadfastness during challenging times. Children will be inspired by his commitment to preserving the authentic teachings of Islam.

Chapter 6: The Importance of Seeking Knowledge

Understand the vital role of seeking knowledge in Islam. This chapter emphasizes the value of education, the virtues of acquiring knowledge, and the responsibility of passing it on to others. Children will be encouraged to become lifelong learners and appreciate the blessings of knowledge.

Chapter 7: The Story of Prophet Yunus (Jonah)

Discover the story of Prophet Yunus (peace be upon him) and the lessons it holds. This chapter narrates the trials and tribulations faced by Prophet Yunus, his repentance, and the mercy of Allah. Children will learn about the importance of patience, repentance, and reliance on Allah in times of difficulty.

Chapter 8: The Life of Bilal ibn Rabah

Learn about the remarkable life of Bilal ibn Rabah, one of the most renowned companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This chapter highlights his journey from slavery to freedom, his unwavering faith, and his significant contributions to the early Muslim community. Children will be inspired by his perseverance and devotion to Islam.

Chapter 9: The Importance of Honesty in Islam

Uncover the importance of honesty and integrity in Islam. This chapter explores the significance of honesty in our daily lives, its rewards, and the consequences of dishonesty. Children will develop a strong moral compass and understand the value of truthful behavior.

Chapter 10: The Miracles of Prophet Muhammad

Explore the various miracles bestowed upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by Allah. This chapter delves into specific miracles mentioned in the Quran, such as the splitting of the moon and the water gushing from the Prophet's fingers. Children will be amazed by the supernatural events that affirmed the truth of Islam.

With our ICO Islamic Studies: Grade 3, Part 2 Textbook, your child will receive a comprehensive education in Islamic knowledge. Each chapter is carefully curated to engage young learners with captivating stories, lessons, and moral values. We aim to provide a holistic understanding of Islam, its history, and its principles, ensuring a well-rounded Islamic education.

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