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Nov 5, 2022


Welcome to Haroob al-Mantaqa al-Arabia, a captivating world of literature and books, brought to you by Marjorie Cowley. As an Arts & Entertainment enthusiast, you will find our collection of literary masterpieces and thought-provoking works both engaging and inspiring. Immerse yourself in our carefully curated selection of books and explore the vast realm of Arabic literature.

Explore the World of Arabic Literature

At Haroob al-Mantaqa al-Arabia, our mission is to promote and celebrate the rich heritage of Arabic literature. We believe that storytelling is a powerful medium that connects people across cultures and generations. Through our selection of books and literature, we aim to showcase the diversity and creativity found within the Arab world.

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Our website, Marjorie Cowley, caters to the Arts & Entertainment category specifically in relation to Books and Literature. We understand the importance of fostering a love for reading and provide a platform where literary enthusiasts can indulge in their passion.

Discover Our Collection

Our collection features a wide range of genres, from classic works to contemporary masterpieces. Whether you are searching for an epic adventure, a heartfelt romance, or a thought-provoking piece of non-fiction, you will find it within our curated selection.

The Power of Arabic Language

The Arabic language holds a unique beauty and richness that shines through its literature. It is a language that sparks imagination, with its intricate poetry and captivating storytelling. Explore the works written by esteemed Arab authors, their words carrying the essence of their cultural heritage and wisdom.

Quality and Diversity

At Haroob al-Mantaqa al-Arabia, we prioritize quality and diversity in our collection. We carefully select books that offer unique perspectives, diverse voices, and exceptional storytelling. Our aim is to present you with a variety of choices, ensuring there is something for every reader.

Engage with the Literary Community

Being part of the Marjorie Cowley community means connecting with fellow literary enthusiasts. We encourage open discussions, book clubs, and events, providing an opportunity to dive deeper into the stories that move us.

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Stay updated with the latest literary news, author interviews, and book recommendations from our blog. We aim to keep you informed and inspire your reading journey through our engaging and informative content.


Step into the world of Haroob al-Mantaqa al-Arabia and let us captivate your imagination with our carefully selected collection of Arabic books and literature. Marjorie Cowley invites you to explore the richness of Arabic language and culture through storytelling. Immerse yourself in the pages of our diverse range of books and uncover the beauty and depths of Arabic literature.