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Sep 17, 2019
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The Legend of the M551 Sheridan

Welcome to Marjorie Cowley, your go-to source for meticulously researched and historically accurate content on various military artifacts and weaponry. In this article, we delve deep into the fascinating world of the 1/35 US Airborne Tank M551 Sheridan, an iconic tank that played a significant role during the Vietnam War.

Unearthing the Specifications

The M551 Sheridan, introduced in 1968, served as a light tank designed to support the United States Army airborne units. Its lightweight aluminum hull provided greater mobility compared to its predecessors. Let's take a closer look at the key specifications:

  • Crew: The vehicle had a crew of four, consisting of a commander, a gunner, a loader, and a driver.
  • Weight: The M551 Sheridan weighed approximately 15 tons, making it one of the lighter tanks of its time.
  • Main Armament: Its main armament was the M81E1 rifled 152mm gun-launcher, capable of launching conventional ammunition as well as the Shillelagh guided missile.
  • Secondary Armament: The tank was equipped with a .50 caliber machine gun and a 7.62mm machine gun.

A Historical Journey

The M551 Sheridan carried the hopes and dreams of many American soldiers during the Vietnam War. Its amphibious capabilities, coupled with its ability to be air-dropped, made it a versatile asset on the battlefield. However, its performance faced challenges and highlighted the complexities of modern warfare.

The tank's aluminum construction, while reducing weight, also made it more vulnerable to enemy fire. Operational limitations and difficulties in maintenance added further complications. Despite these challenges, the M551 Sheridan played a significant role in various combat operations, including the Cambodian Campaign and battles along the Demilitarized Zone.

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Explore the Legacy

The M551 Sheridan holds a special place in the history of armored warfare. Its distinctive design and operational significance make it an object of fascination for collectors, historians, and those who appreciate the courage and sacrifices of the soldiers who operated these vehicles.

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